Creativity & Design

Creativity is our stronghold. Our ideas, concepts and visual output all aim to offer something vibrant and cutting-edge. From the smallest details to the biggest production items, we ensure our clients stand-out while upholding the integrity of their brand DNA. All work – graphic designs, 3D renderings, animations, photo shootings and video productions – is done in house to guarantee we provide clients with a trademarked quality and consistency as well as speedy execution.

Venue Management & Event Production

Riviera is always on the look out to discover new and original venues, which are suitable for our clients. Having strong relationships with many handpicked locations allows our clients to host memorable events with ease. We pride ourselves on always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in creating new experiences. When it comes to AV setups, staging and decorations of all sorts, Riviera Events use a small panel of suppliers we have developed and trained over the years. We understand the high level of quality foreign and local clients expect and deliver consistently according to premium international standards. Riviera Events also focuses on offering clients the latest technological innovations to bring branding and guest experience to the next level.

Talent Management

Riviera Events is set apart from all other event agencies by hosting its own  in-house Talent Management teams at each of its Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou offices. We constantly work with our performers to develop original and inspiring new shows! Over the years, Riviera Events has developed an extensive network of premium local and international talents ranging from model hostesses, DJs, musicians, dancers, acrobats to even animal trainers! The majority of our talent network is located in mainland China and Riviera also has strong relationships with top international performers. As well as possessing exceptional technical skills, we also require artists to demonstrate diverse artistic ability to ensure we create unforgettable moments. Riviera Events also manages local and foreign models, make-up and hair artists as well as fashion show choreographers.


Riviera Events’ services range from guest PR, media PR and celebrity bookings. Guaranteeing the right profile and quantity of attendance is essential to the success of an event. Riviera Events has been increasing its contact list of target Chinese consumers and foreigners over the years. Currently, we hold a wide database of VIPs, opinion leaders and influencers that we frequently utilize for our clients through invitation maillings, email blasting, text messaging and social networking (weibo, weixin, facebook, etc..). Riviera Events can also support brands with celebrity bookings, both local and foreign, ranging from well-known business leaders to entertainment world icons. We also have an aptitude for associating our clients with the appropriate famous faces and local/international events through sponsorship, endorsements, co-branding and partnerships.